1300/1800 Numbers

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1300 and 1800 numbers are both considered to be ‘non-geographic’ numbers, meaning they are not linked to any particular location. They are both designed for business use. 1800 numbers are ‘Toll Free’ – free to call for the caller but the receiver pays for the inbound call. 1300 numbers are ‘shared cost’ meaning that the caller will pay the cost of a local call and the receiver will also pay a lower rate for inbound calls.

Flexible pricing

Combine different call plans. Pay only for what you use. Scale up and down easily.

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We have a range of pre-reserved 1300/1800 numbers that can be activated instantly.

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Use an IP desk phone, smartphone or PC. Connect from anywhere via the internet. From your office, from home or overseas.

Call Rates & Plans

All call plans include a bonus double call value.

1300/1800 plans include DOUBLE call value

Here's an example:

Call package:


1300 is diverted to Australian landline

You pay:


Rate per minute: 8.8c (inbound) + 2.9c (diversion) = 11.7c

You get:


in credit, being the cost of your call plan DOUBLED.

341 minutes

$40.00 ÷ $0.117 = 341 inbound minutes every month

Activation fee for new numbers $77.00 GST inc
1300 call inbound $0.088
1800 call inbound $0.11
Answer calls on VoIP via mPBX: Free
Divert to AU landline: inbound cost + $0.029 per minute
Divert to AU mobile inbound cost + $0.139 per minute

Phone system management included!

Our service includes full management of your phone systems for your peace of mind. Our PBX system is designed to allow you to self-manage your phone systems should you wish to do so, but we're happy to manage it for you.

Link to our cloud based mPBX for FREE for advanced call routing features

Link your 1300/1800 number and create your custom call flow scenario in our ADVANCED mPBX call routing system.

Note: For call flow scenarios where the call is answered on an external number (e.g. mobile), mPBX is completely FREE as you do not require user/device licenses.

1300 & 1800 Numbers

Frequently asked questions

Well, first of all, we can provide 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers in exactly the same way as any other provider. We can divert it to your existing landline or mobile number and VoIP will not be involved in it at all. Calls will travel via traditional telephony systems. However, we can also send calls via VoIP and you can answer them on your VoIP Phone, this allows us to make it cheaper for you to use the service and making it more flexible. Quality will mostly depend on the quality of your internet connection. We can help you assess the suitability of your internet for VoIP. If internet is reliable, you won’t be able to see the difference between traditional and VoIP calls for 1300/1800 inbound services. Calls inside our network would actually be a lot better quality using high definition voice codecs.

Unfortunately yes. This is regulated by ACMA and Australian government. Being telecommunications provider we also have to pay monthly fees for 1300 numbers and 1800 number services and hence we cannot make it free of charge. Simple rule is: if you want to keep the number, you have to pay for it each and every month.
Yes. We welcome your business. You can port your number from any Australian carrier to us. Porting normally takes roughly 3-5 business days and cost $77.00 inc GST.
You can keep your 1300 number or 1800 number for the life of your business, regardless of what Telco you use for any of the other services or even for 1300/1800 number itself; Clients can reach your business at the cost of a local call from anywhere within the country on 1300 number or completely free of charge on 1800 numbers; Improve your sales by making professional first impression to your customers; With VoIPSmart you can get advanced functionality previously available to only large enterprises.
You can sign up for as many numbers as required. Many businesses use multiple 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers to track performance of their advertising campaigns and alike.
There is no lock-in contracts for 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers provided by VoIPSmart. You just need to give us 30 days notice if you’d like to quit.
There is a once off activation fee of $77.00 inc GST per number. This fee is imposed on us by INMS, upstream carriers. There is no charge for any of the advanced mPBX features and you can configure call flow via easy to use drag & drop web portal. We are also available for help with any complex call flow configuration and there is no charge for this.
No, there will be no downtime to your service. VoIPSmart will prepare all required routing rules before porting is completed.
For new numbers, we will send you our welcome pack the same business day. In some cases, e.g. if application submitted late, it would be the next business day; For ported numbers, porting process takes 3-5 business days, but may depend on your existing carrier.
In order to be able to offer the lowest rates possible, we have to minimise any time spent on payment collection and processing. All our systems are fully automated, allowing us to concentrate on customer service rather than billing processing. We offer two accounting methods: prepaid with automatic top up from credit card or postpaid with security deposit; Please contact us if postpaid account is required; We accept payments by credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) or by direct deposit to our bank account.
1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are used exclusively by businesses and therefore provide a better, more professional business image. You will also be able to keep 1300 number or 1800 number for the lifetime of your business as they don’t depend on location. 1300 numbers are especially good for business with Australia wide client base as it would only be a cost of a local call for the caller to call this number. 1800 Numbers can be dialled free of charge from all fixed phones and from some mobile phones (carrier dependent).
For the person placing the call to a 1300 number, the cost associated from a mobile depends on the carrier and plan assigned. In most cases it will be the same as the cost of call to any other mobile or landline number, but this needs to be clarified with the mobile operator who hosts your service. For the holder of a 1300 number, the cost of an inbound call from a mobile is the same as from any other number and depends on the assigned call plan to your 1300 number.
1300 and 1800 have similar features with the same configuration. Both are classified as Australian wide business numbers not tied to a geographic location. As inbound numbers they are only used to receive incoming calls. Both are independent of the account holders or caller’s location within Australia.
However, the key difference lies in the rate associated with inbound calls to either of these numbers. For 1800 numbers, the owner of the number is responsible for paying the cost of the inbound call and this is known as a Toll-Free number which is free to call from the caller’s perspective. 1300 numbers, the call rate is shared between the holder of the 1300 number and the caller, this is known as a shared or split cost number. The holder of the 1300 number is charged as per inbound call rates and the caller is charged the rate set by their service provider that in most cases is equivalent to the cost of a local call.
The cost of a 1300 number depends on the service provider and the call plan assigned to the 1300 number. Prices for 1300 numbers start at $5.50 including GST per month, with an included call value of $11.00 assigned for inbound calls to the 1300 number. At VoIPSmart, all call plans come with double value included, so you will receive double the value of the call plan you select.
1800 numbers do not have any area codes or identifiers that associate them to a geographic location. Likewise, their counterpart 1300 numbers, they are independent of any geographical location and not restricted to any provider which means they are portable and can be used anywhere inside of Australia. Calls to 1300 or 1800 numbers from overseas could be restricted and will depend on the overseas service provider used to place the call. We recommend publishing a geographical number along with your 1300 or 1800 numbers to allow caller from overseas the ability to dial.
Shared cost 1300 numbers are especially designed for business use. They can be easily directed to your fixed line, hosted PBX, softphone or mobile phone number. They have several features that can be tailored to meet your business requirements. One thing you would need to consider is the cost of the calls which are shared between the caller and the holder of the 1300 number. 1300 numbers are cheaper to operate compared to 1800 and create a similar impression of well-established business, giving the impression that you operate Australia-wide. It is up to the business owner to decide what number will suit their business needs, but in our experience 1300 numbers are more attractive for small business owners due to lower costs over 1800 numbers.
Toll-Free 1800 numbers are available online. You can select call plans that best suit your expected call volumes. The services are available on a 14-day trial start up.
Smart numbers are a dedicated range of numbers that have a distinctive pattern and spell out a word. As an example, 1300 VoIPSmart, which makes it easier for your customer to remember and dial. We can assist you with getting phone words numbers via ACMA ‘theNumberingSystem‘ which is an online auction website that allows business owners to purchase numbers with the desirable digits, that match your business name. Once purchased, you can port your smart number to VoIPSmart and enjoy our low rates and rich functionality.

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